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BOA CEO: Foreclose on Julian Assange

In a leaked memo, Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan concludes the obvious answer to WikiLeaks' impending release of damaging emails is to foreclose on WikiLeaks' founder's Jullian Assange's home. Assange, an Australian citizen, owns a 2br apartment in England's dodgy district. Moynihan's anger is palpable in the memo as he rails against fellow executives for suggesting that foreclosing on a property BOA does not own may present legal obstacles in the future. Moynihan chastises Chief Risk Officer Paul Morrison saying "Don't be such a [expletive] we accidentally foreclose on people's houses all the time. There's no reason we can't later claim this [expletive]'s apartment was a clerical error." Moynihan's abuse of Morrison continues in a later email in which he chides:
"Is it [foreclosing on Assange's house] against the law? Well so is leaking our illegal activities. BOA standard operating procedure is to foreclose first and then determine mortgage holder / originator post foreclosure."

Inside sources say the attempt is part of BOA's ongoing attempt to bury Assange in legal paperwork, and provide the media ample scandal fodder related to Assange's personal finances. BOA continues to reel from scandal after scandal since Moynihan was appointed leading many to question his leadership ability. Moynihan's well documented hubris is often cited as his greatest weakness. Recall that Moynihan, in a show of support for ex-CEO Ken Lewis famously compared the CEO to the President of the United States concluding: "the President is bound by rule of law and doesn't have the power to create money or take away someone's lawfully acquired house; that great power is reserved for the CEO of today's greatest company the Bank of America."

To date the US DOJ has refused to comment on the activities implied in the email citing an on going investigation. Many pundits have speculated that the DOJ lacks jurisdiction since no crime was committed. Republican House Speaker John Bohner told CBS's Katie Couric "the USA PATRIOT ACT gives BOA full authority to foreclose on any known terrorist and that is exactly what Assange is- there is zero difference between Assange and Osama bin Laden" adding "freedom doesn't mean airing everyone else's dirty laundry"

The leaked memo comes on news that BOA plans to attack wikileaks by submitting false information and calling wikileaks out on the false information. Their brilliant strategy shows a clear lack of understanding of wikileak's vetting process; however, not reading documents thoroughly and failing to understand basic concepts are par for the course with BOAs leadership team.



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    Unregistered Mohamed (#1) 118 days ago Permalink

    "An eye for an eye" was a rule to LIMIT the revenge pleope would take on each other back in the day. It was "an eye for an eye" instead of "your whole family for an eye." Context is important. I don't disagree with the statement that "'an eye for an eye' leaves everybody blind," because not taking revenge at all is even better because vengeance is the Lord's. But taking quotes out of context, whether they're from the Bible or anything else, can make any number of incorrect implications.

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    Unregistered Lazares (#1) 117 days ago Permalink

    Suzy- This was a somewhat new denioitifn of "rape" to me, too. In at least one case, the "victim" was an uber-liberal female activist who sought out Assange for a one-night stand after he gave a speech. But she wanted a condom used, and he didn't. That doesn't strike me as "rape" so much as the violation of an oral contractual agreement. And while I don't want to "blame the victim" in a case of real rape, I have very little sympathy for a woman who was deliberately seeking risky sex with a man she didn't know and had no reason to trust...and got exactly that.

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    Unregistered Leny (#1) 115 days ago Permalink

    if we as a country coemdnn wikileaks and sentence julian to death, we have lost what it is to be american.Nato, the UN, and our own government offices have all confirmed that the info leaked by wikileaks has lead to zero deaths. thats zero deaths. think about it; if we prosecute wikileaks cuz they embarrassed us and "weakened" other nations' view of us, then whats stopping them from telling any magazine thats remotely questioning of the govenment to shut its doors? or from killing the writer http://msjzkize.com [url=http://oymyqbr.com]oymyqbr[/url] [link=http://whokogmsp.com]whokogmsp[/link]

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    Unregistered Aleksandr (#1) 115 days ago Permalink

    I don't know that what he did was rape. To be quite honest, I am not sure what he did with Wikileaks that has made him such a tgerat.As I said in another answer, who knows what is really going on? These could be trumped up charges, he may have really forced himself on someone, or anything.IF he did hurt those women then any time is a good time for an arrest.If his arrest is for charges designed in a banker or government officials brainstorm, then YES they could have waited.I suspect that if he is truly not guilty we will never know. There will be cover ups for years. 0Was this answer helpful?

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