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Boehner: Obama’s Downgrade Will Not Stand

In response to Friday’s historic credit downgrade Republicans lashed out at President Obama, attributing the downgrade to Obama’s actions. Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner led the charge blasting the President’s recent debt ceiling bill “I warned the President that his plan didn’t cut spending enough but he didn’t listen.” Boehner went on to suggest that further spending cuts be enacted immediately saying “Right now we cannot afford the EPA, the NEA, the NSF, or the SEC. It’s time to cut the alphabet soup and get back to running this country.”

Asked by NBC’s Jim Avola if the GOP could share any blame in the credit downgrade, an angry Boehner, turning a deep red and slamming his hounds on a stated bluntly “let me be clear with the American public- the GOP has been following the same policies since Ronald Regean was President- the fact is you have a radical left-wing extremist in the White House that won’t let us fix the problems he created.”

Responding to NBC’s Kelly O’Donell’s request to understand how the GOP planned to address the new reality of the US- Boehner ejaculated “tax cuts!” Boehner then told reporters he was going to be submitting a bill when Congress reconvenes in late September that would “give Job Creators incentives to create jobs.”

In a file photo Boehner shows how much influence the GOP has on the overall health of the economy.



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