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Pope Condemns Scientology

Pope slammed the Church of Scientology for being "nothing more than an attempt to extract money from the dim witted." The Pontiff went on to announce that Scientology offered "the promise of an afterlife, based on nothing more than fiction." He concluded Sunday mass by demanding that the US revoke The Church of Scientology's tax exempt status- "these tricketsers are so rich because they demand followers donate their earnings in order to secure a place in the afterlife- just once I'd wish they'd indulge me and prove to me that they weren't just taking the money and using it to enhance themselves. What's worse is that they are now trying to spread their message through use of food to starving peoples of the world. I'm sure Scientology does some good but why do they have to tie it back to donating money and buying stupid accessories to indulge in nothing more than live action role playing game?"
Inside sources say the Pope was angry because a picture depicting him defalcating in the forest had recently published to internet site tmz.com



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