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Ron Paul: End the Wars Now

Representative Ron Paul (L,TX), appearing on CBS' Face the Nation Sunday demanded that President Obama end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan immediately. Paul answering host Bob Schieffer's first question of "What can President Obama do to move America in the right direction" quickly and confidently replied "End the wars now Bob. We have no clear objective in either war, it's time to call both wars a loss and walk away- as a country we'll save trillions of dollars and American lives." Paul continued "What the President needs to understand is that we, the Congress, are holding him accountable for these wars. He alone he has the ability to end them [the wars] and we know and the American people know, that, that is one of the few powers he hasn't exercised that power yet."

Schieffer continued pressing on the topic and went on to question Rep Paul on the future of the Department of Defense budge when the wars ended. Paul quipped "we'll cut the defense budget by at least 50%. My view is that the country has gone too far with building up a gigantic army not suited to today's threats. I'm from Texas and I know when you build a fence to protect your cattle from wolves you don't fence the wolves in, you fence the cows in. America's the same way- we can't fence the terrorists wolves in their own countries, we've got to build a fence to protect ourselves from them."

Towards the end of the program Schieffer went on to question Paul about other budget saving moves. Paul, a former Physician was relentless in his criticism of medicare and medicaid. "The government shouldn't be in the business of paying for medical care. That's what's shot the price of health care up so much. We need to eliminate medicare and medicaid. I was alive before both programs were born, and we didn't have people going without care, we didn't have people dying in the streets." Asked about the success of last year's Health Care Reform Act Paul confidently declared the program a failure:" Simple Bob- have your health care costs gone down? No! It's because government can't solve this problem. The private sector is the only one that can."

The discussion was largely friendly until Paul moved to the the topic of the Department of Education. Schieffer, a well known supporter of DOE, questioned Paul on his efforts to eliminate the department. "Bob it's not my effort alone it's the GOPs. We elected conservatives to get rid of the Department of Education. We used to campaign on that. And what did we do? We doubled the size. I want to reverse that trend. DIE is nothing but a department of indoctrination." After some bitter arguments Paul conceded that public schools were important. "Public schools are good, but I'd rather they be funded by those who attend. Why should I have to continue funding school systems when I don't have any kids attending?"

On government as a whole Paul conceded that conservatives efforts to shrink government were ultimately a failure but remarked that by keeping people like his son and him in office, Americans were sending the right message- "We don't like government and we'll do whatever we can to sabotage it's future growth."



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